Tuesday, December 26, 2006

They're back..!
You know how lefties never give up - they're still trying to prove that Anita Hill was the one telling the truth.
Now Human Rights Watch is claiming that that story about Israel hitting two ambulances with missles last July is true.

I will update this from time to time, but here is a start: they still claim that Israeli missiles hit the two ambulances, but they were smaller missiles that had been claimed. Problem one: they mention the SPIKE missile as a candidate. SPIKE is a small missile, but look at this YouTube video to see what kind of damage one of these does to a tank and ponder what it would do to an ambulance. Problem two: HRW also suggests something called DIME, which they think the Israelis might have, but here's a description from what might be politely called a Jewish AntiZionist Site:
So from a purely layperson's perspective, this weapon seems designed to kill anything within a 12-25 foot radius (depending on which source you believe) and not kill anything outside it. But unlike other more conventional weapons with less lethality, it would essentially leave almost nothing or no one alive within that sphere.

Does either kind of missile (and HRW doesn't really offer any evidence that Israel has DIME type weapons) fit the picture? You know, the miraculously round hole in the roof, right in the middle of the red cross?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Not dead, not sick, not even too busy. Just lazy. Maybe I should be a Democrat. Nah, being lazy is easy, intentionally driving down one's own real level of intelligence I don't think I can handle.

Here, I'll throw you a new joke.

Butch was the pirate captain's first mate and Toad sewed the pirate captain's clothes. Butch warned Toad that the captain's new breeches were too tight. Toad insisted they were fine, but they split open the first time the captain tried to bend over. Butch took them back to be fixed and he said, "Aye, Toad, you sew."


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