Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Yahoo! main page has this interesting news item: Democrats will ask GOP for support on wage hike, tax cuts. Click on it and you get this news story. Okay, all fine and well, but why did they see the need to slip in this line?
Speaking in the wake of GOP sex and corruption scandals that contributed to the Democratic sweep of both houses of Congress in the midterm elections, Reid emphasized his party's plans for open and scandal-free government.
Is a graduate of the Oliver Willis School of Journalism working there? And I know than I'm not the only one who remembered Bill Clinton promising "the most ethical administration ever" (And it's not a citation from a rightwing source, so you'll note.)

There's also this cute quote from Harry Reid (D - No Scandals here, so stop looking):
"There are millions of Americans suffering from debilitating diseases like Parkinson's and diabetes that advances in stem cell research could potentially treat," Reid said, "if only we in Washington would allow it to expand."

Here is an article the Senator might want to glance at.

I'll be back...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thought of the moment: how do we deal with personal scandals of politicians? Off hand, it seems that we can't: almost everyone can be accused of something so there's probably no hope of running only pure-as-snow candidates. On the other hand, bringing up various Dems' ethical or personal lapses seems to get no traction in the MSM (which many average people clearly still get much of their news and news-type opinion from) and brings charges of 'politics or personal destruction' (or whatever the Dems call it when it applies to their behaviors.)
It would be nice if everyone could agreed to limit personal accusations to relatively recent years; and to things that are out-of-the-ordinary (like it or not, people do stupid things when in their teens and twenties) and to things that seriously illegal or immoral (as opposed to referring to someone as 'macaca'.)
Don't know if it a realistic goal, though, in a world in which one side cannot accept losing an election without screaming fraud.
I do hope that the Bush Admin has the will to play quid-pro-quo with the congressional Dems when the Dems start investiagting anything they can possibly think of.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I will forget about the fact that I said the Repubs would hold both Houses of Congress, and in proper prognosticator fashion, make some new predictions.

First, I was watching ABC's Good Morning America today and I imagine the MSM is kicking off its campaign to bamboozle us into thinking we need to sign the Kyoto Treat and otherwise agree to accept a variety of Balls & Bhains on behalf of Global Warming.

Second, I suspect the Dems' strategy for Iraq is to pull out the troops, let the situation turn into a fiasco, and then have Al Gore (running for president again) tell us that this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't had the 2000 election stolen from him. Either that or US troops get to wear blue UN helmets while the Iranians take over half the country.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Annanother thing (or as the high falutin' would say, And another thing) about the war on terror: every time the head of the Mafia gets sent to jail, someone else takes his place. And no matter how many gang members get arrested, some areas (like some big city housing projects) inevitably have a continuing problem with criminal gangs. So does anyone really think that catching or killing bin Laden will end the war on terror? Geez, we're talking about people (not democrats) who are much crazier than the people who pray with the rosary beads outside abortion clinics, and yet the Libs think that the people with the rosary beads are a threat and the people who blow themselves up on busses can be reasoned with? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE (ie, the ones who won the election yesterday) PEOPLE!?!?

I might post lyrics for a country/western song in a day of two, in case anyone wants to do some music and make big bucks with me...

Hey, what Senate committee do you think Hillary will want to be the chairdominatrix of?

Another thought - did you notice that millions of Republicans and Conservatives were out in the streets today? You know, going to work..?

Rumsfeld resigns - probably just as well they waited - if he'd resigned before the election, the Dems would have immediately bashed Bush for not firing him sooner, or calling it a pre-election stunt, or both.

How odd, now Saddam is asking for mercy and Hamas is calling for worldwide war against the US. Maybe we should just send Warren Christopher to Tehran to peacefully negotiate their takover of Iraq.

Okay, so we lost. It happens and those of us who are not washpot heads do not make ourselves crazy about things that inevitably happen from time to time. I would guess it was a combination of too many Republican scandals making the news, too much irritation about Iraq, and a general feeling of "Let's throw the bums out / Let's give the other side a chance." I would like to believe this is the "one step back" of the "two steps forward, one step back" formula.

But please remember, being 'bipartisan" does NOT mean going along with whatever the Dems want; it means "we both give something and we both give something", not "I'll forget about what you want if you'll stop reminding me."

Two thoughts: first, Bush better get the veto pen ready if he doesn't want to end his last two years like his father did. And, second, the Bush Admin better make clear to the Dems that if they play nice, we play nice; but if they get nasty, the Justice Dept can be turned loose - the Executive branch can investigate members of Congress just as easily as Congress can investigate the Executive branch.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Nov 6 - 9:51 pm, bolognia watchtower time... (Three Stooges making fun of Hitler, etc - credit where credit is due.)
We Fascists will keep control of both houses of Congress. Hitler rises from his grave to applaud and have danish with Rove. (Have you ever notices that "Rove" is an anagram from "over"? Think about it...)
Kos, Willis, etc, scream Fraud and demand paper ballots: I propose allowing paper ballots as an alternative to other means. (By the way, NY State has had mechanical voting machines since at least the 1948 elections - I remember a picture of Thomas Dewey at on of those machines that I believe we still have here.)
My proposal: next year, during the off year elections, the various computerized voting machines have an option that lets a voter say, in effect, "I will vote with paper" and the voter can then be handed a paper ballot. Let's see how the machine count versus paper count turns out.
Also, what the fuck is with ebay's half.com? I bought a book from some - I think I have the correct gender - bitch, six weeks later I have nothing except a charge against my bank account and it's awful hard to make a complaint or get satisfaction. I normally oppose class action lawsuits, but this is beginning to look tempting.
Also, working in the mysterious "here" really stinks... thank God for vodka...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do you really think Kerry killed his chances at another serious run in 2008 with his 'joke' about Bush and being stuck in Iraq? Or do you think the MSM will lend a hand to ensure that the 'joke' is eventually repeated enough times in a correctly worded form so no one will remember the original? I dunno, just wondering.

And make it an even 222 in the house.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now we know what Karl Rove's October surprise was - John Kerry.

I am sticking to my guns, though - Kerry will take another serious run for president; the mensheviks are somewhat rallying to his defense. The Repubs keep 221 in the House of Reps and they keep 53 in the Senate. Okay maybe 220 and 52. I'd rather see larger numbers, though - the Dems like to act as if they won when they lose by just a little.

National Novel Writing Month! I must wear my NaNoWriMo TShirt for the next four weeks. Think of all the soap and hot water I'll be saving.

A number of sites have one of the best pictures to come along since Iowahawk ran the Mississppi "Drunks with Guns" photo. Check DummieFunnies (where I first saw the photo) to see what I mean.

Sorry to say, the new Pearl Jam album - has a picture of an avocado on the cover but seems to not have a title - isn't so good. Has some decent stuff, if you liked their last two or three albums; even then not so hot.

Oh, by the way, locking up the head of the Mafia never put an end to organized crime, and locking up housing project gang members never eliminated crime in the projects, so why do the Dems think that locking up Saddam Hussein or killing Zarqawi (did I spell that correctly? Don't know, but you know whom I'm referring to) bring and end to hostilities? Johnson declared War on Poverty in c 1965 and Nixon declared War on Cancer c 1970, and..?

Oh look it's 11 pm and I'm still here. (And I swear it was an innocent typo when I put "and I's still here" and it had nothing to do with Willis, and by the way are you surprised he can find a tie and shirt that fit..?)

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