Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Willis and others are noting that Karl "Rove is going in front of the grand jury for the fifth time." Is this supposed to imply guilt or does it suggest that the SpecProsc is leaning on the theory that you can pin something on someone if you ask him enough questions enough times?

But Willis also has a piece from Wired magazine about Al Gore:
Along the way, Gore has become a neo-green entrepreneur, taking his messianic faith in the power of technology to stop global warming and applying it to an ecofriendly investment firm. The company, Generation Investment Management, which he cofounded nearly two years ago, puts money into businesses that are positioned to capitalize on the carbon-constrained economy Gore and his partners see coming in the near future.
Anyone besides me think there'd be howls of outrage if any well-known Republican politician invested money in businesses that would profit from government policies he was pushing?

Monday, April 10, 2006

There are people who are doing translations of Saddam Hussein plotting terror attacks against the United States. and what the hell could I have to add..?

A couple of books worth reading, but I am at work and therefore drunk and will mess up the titles and names. Theodore Dalrymple has a new collection of essays out - I didn't read the first couple of pieces about Shakespeare, but the rest of the book is quite nightmarish about life in England under the people who in this country would be called Democrats.

Speaking of which, Goofy Willis had a bit the other day about Republicans engaging in dishonest voter registration (about a hundred - it's a well-known fact that if you mistakenly register as a Republican, you will never be able to vote for a Democrat again. Willis sometimes makes Corky from the old ABC Sunday night show look reasonable.)

A new term for the psychologists: BS-squared. Or BSBS. Translation: Boss's Spoiled Brat Syndrome. Quite similar to BSLSS (Boss's Spoiled Little Shit Syndrome.) Either way, the halfwit who calls himself 'vice-president', does 30 minutes work in a day and later carries on about how much work he did all day, and not only flirts with women who think he's a creep but makes sure to squeeze himself into any conversation you're having with that cute little what-she-is.

Also, are we going to push Condoleeza Rice into running for Prez in 2008? I've been reading the
recent book by Dick Morris on that subject (title is something like "Hillary Vs Cond") - what I'd like to know is what we're going to do in New York to make Adolph Hillary actually fight to get re-elected..?

Proofreading is for others!

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