Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do you remember the scene in the Gene Wilder / Harrison Ford movie that was called, if I remember correctly, The Frisco Kid? Wilder is a polish rabbi trying to make his way to San Francisco in 1850, many adventures, Ford's character pals up with him, etc? Decent piece of movie making?
Wilder's rabbi gets off the boat in Philadelphia, takes a ride with a couple of mugs who beat him up and rob him - he's stumbling a long a country road and sees some amish men, starts yelling for help, they go to see what's going on, he starts to speak yiddish, one of the amish men says to the others (rough translations) "he's not speaking deutsch" and Wilder finally hollers in English, "Don't you speak yiddish?!"
My point: alcohol makes a horrible job bearable... no, that's a universal truism...
The left is in meltdown, as many others have noted, but I think that many others on the right side are missing a point - the left thought that they were winning: Reagan was just a backward blip on the march towards the glorious march towards the Happy Socialist Future. The Clinton dystopian administration of 1993-1994 was to bring about socialized medicine... Oh geez, oh shit, Carter was supposed to have been reelected and followed by Mondale or Sen Teddy Ruxpenidy and by now the UN should be in charge of the Pentagon, AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!
DON'T YOU SPEAK YIDDISH!!?? The socialist/leftist/marxist dream is fading away, and like the religious idiots who can't believe that the prophetic interpretations they've based their lives on are wrong, the lefties cannot deal with the fact that history is not on their side.
CINDY SHEEHAN FOR SENATE! YAAAY! RUN CINDY RUN! Especially run towards Hillary...
Tired. No proofreading today. Out. Boof.

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