Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who will be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2008? a few short thoughts:
1 - Governor Carter, Governor Reagan, Governor Clinton, Governor Bush. 'Nuff said
2 - Jeb Bush? No, we Americans don't like presidential dynasties. Adams, Quincy Adams; Harrison, Harrison; Roosevelt, Roosevelt;, Bush, Bush; and, possibly, if it hadn't been for one
lunatic with a gun and another who didn't know how to drive, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy. Jeb Bush is a distinct maybe if he comes across as likeable and competant; more so if running again the possibility of Clinton, Clinton.
3 - Speaking of witch, Hillary will (unfortunately) most likely coast to reelection this November, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Dem's 2008 ticket was Kerry/Hillary (Kerry did almost win in 2004) or perhaps Gore/Hillary (Gore came even closer) or... oh, I dunno, does New Jersey's Gov Corzine have a shot if he decided to try? Pennsylvania's Casey if he wins this fall against Santorum? (nonPS - funny article alert - the Nation Governors Association website has a 'featured article' by Louisiana's Gov Kathleen Blank-o about how children with health insurance are "more likely to visit a dentist when necessary" - maybe because people who can afford health insurance are more likely to take their kids to a dentist. Also notice that ever-popular phrase "research shows" - around 1953, research showed that people who liked Joe McCarthy were less likely to be hostile to Jews than people who didn't like him. (I'm pretty sure that Roy Cohn wrote about this in his books about McCarthy.)) Anyway, I suspect Hillary would run for VP if she didn't need to quit the Senate and, like Reagan , she wouldn't be too old run for Prez later on. Hey with any luck, penis-boy Bill will be dead by then and she won't need to worry about him doing something embarrassing.
Oy. Must run... too much to do. I need a gig like Willis has, get paid to call anyone I disagree with a "serial liar"... Sorry about typos...

"those who would sacrifice liberty for security are usually gun-control liberals." not Ben Franklin"
And this is usually from the ACLU kind of idiots who tell us that it's okay to, say, release a guilty-beyond-a-reasonable-doubt murderer on a technicality because 'when one person is denied his rights, we are all denied our rights" but "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" doesn't really mean what it seems to say, what with the possibility that they were really talking about bears and bare arms and keeping bears...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kerry says Iran making "dangerous" nuclear choiceThu Jan 12, 2006 8:38 AM ET


HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - U.S. Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said on Thursday that Iran was making a dangerous choice in pushing ahead with its nuclear ambitions.
"Iran has made a dangerous and silly decision of confronting not just the U.S. government but the entire international community," Kerry told reporters in the southern Indian technology hub of Hyderabad during a visit to India.
Kerry's statement came as officials from Britain, France and Germany plan to meet their counterparts from China, Russia and the United States in London next week to discuss Iran's decision to restart sensitive nuclear work.
Kerry said Iran could be referred to the U.N. Security Council if the crisis continued.
"If all diplomatic channels fail, we have no choice but to take the issue before the international body," Kerry, a strong proponent of nuclear non-proliferation, said.
Separately in London, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he thought it highly probable that Iran would be referred to the Security Council over its decision to restart sensitive nuclear work.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

From Reuters via Drudge:
Japan was bracing for more snow on Friday after some of the heaviest snowfall on record that has left 57 people dead and paralysed transport.
Almost 4 metres (13 ft) of snow has piled up in the worst-hit areas of Niigata near the Japan Sea coast, though the snowiest season of the year is yet to come...

If Pat Robertson said this was due to the "wrath of God" you'd call him an idiot. (I certainly would.) But if well-known scholar of climatology Al Gore says it due to global warming? Well..?


Ralph goes to the window, he opens it, leans out, shouts upwards: Norton..! Hey, Norton, come on down, I think I got a virus..!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hey, everyone, have we all checked out the crap at CafePress, you know, t-shirts and stuff all with their panties in an uproar about the Valerie Pl*me leak? I can hardly wait for the CafePress offers of "Send the Fucks at the NY Times to Jail!" thongs!

so we protect free speech by regulating it... and the second amendment really guarantees the right of the government to have guns... and it's wrong for the goverment to tap in on suspected terrorists when they are in contact with suspected foreign terrorists... and the only way to prove we are serious about freedom is to give greater rights to those who want to destroy freedom than to those who want to protect it... oh, and we need to protect freedom of the press by protecting media insiders from media outsiders...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's 6 pm on New Year's Day and I am at work - because in the past week or so I had not so much a burn out as more of a flame out - you know, the runner is tired and needs a bit of time to catch his breath and instead gets handed something else and needs to dash off - and stumbles a couple of times.

Hate my job... no, I like doing spreadsheets and database stuff, but not here.

My predictions for the year:
1 - Bush refused to die or resign, but is finagled into saying something nice about Hillary Clinton
2 - more insanity from the other side, eg, Bush authorized spying on spies
3 - more MSM hyping John McCain as the real leader of the Republicans, because he's a maverick
4 - more MSM snotting about Joe Lieberman because he's a maverick of the wrong kind.
5 - Dems demand a continuation of investigations into the "Joe Wilson's Wife was exposed as a CIA employee by satanic Bush administration employees and crypto-latent-fascists" and no investigations of who leaked anything that made Bush look bad, evil, goofy, etc.
6 - Hillary is re-elected to the Senate because the Republican party in NYS stinks like dog shit on a hot wet day
7 - voters in November refuse to believe that trying to prevent terrorist attacks in the US is somehow unconstitutional.
8 - Oliver Willis does not receive an offer of help from Dick Gregory or Richard Simmons, but his dietary habits remain under close scrutiny by Hostess, KFC, George Soros, etc. Either that or Oliver suddenly does a Brock-about (fat chance, no pun intended- no, really, giggle...) and becomes a rightwinger, in which case the DU will need a separate website to carry all the comments that most of us on the right wing are too decent to say (publucly, anyway.)

Tired. Need food. Will settle for booze. Typoes are a sign or intellectual detachment, don't you know.

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