Friday, November 19, 2004

Just testing...
Oh, as as Jerry Seinfield might say, "What's up with those North Koreans..?'

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

All this recent talk from lefties about leaving the country or having the more-or-less permanent blue states secede from the union: isn't that usually the trademark of people who believe in the pre-Wolfowitz zionist-occupied-government? Or is it more along the lines of "I'm gonna take my half of your ball and go home"?
And did we all catch the Time Magazine cover that told us that Clinton's 1992 victory gave him a 'mandate for change'?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Ain't it fun reading the lefty sites? We know Kerry won Ohio because the exit polls showed he was winning? Because there was a miscount in Gahanna Ohio that had no effect on the outcome? That someone or other claimed he had a hard time voting?
It is reported that visits to the Canadian how-to-immigrate-here are about five or six times the usual level, and someone (maybe Ace) linked to a site that encourages foreigners to marry Americans so they can move to Europe or wherever? Go - do us a favor - a few less members of the "I love America but let me tell you why it stinks" crowd can only make the country a better place to live.
By the by, suppose there'd been a shift of a few hundred thousand votes in Ohio. Kerry would have won in the electoral college but lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes. Would Kerry have suggested that he hadn't really won? Would the Dems talk about bringing Republicans into the Kerry administration? Would Oliver Witliss and Daily Kosless suddenly decide the we really are obligated to play by the rules? Putz and Putzer, dat's what I tink!
More later, in case anyone is actually looking...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

And so, now that the election is over - I said we'd win - and we're all politicked out, it's time the begin thinking about something...
Who's gonna the the Republican nominee in 2008???
We can already guess what will happen on the other side: sometime in the fall of 2007, a certain amply thighed Cubs, no Yankees fan will demurly announce that many people are urging her to run and although she has no interest in it for herself, she is going to go on a listening tour that will result in her coronation and the dirtiest campaign in memory. (Yes, I mean Hillary, not Oliver Willis. Aside to Oliver - Hold Your Chin Up, pal; it'll keep the Maypo from dripping on your 'Bush Stole the Election! Again!' t-shirt.)
Well, let's get guessing!

Here's a few thoughts to start with: of the last five presidents, four were governors and three were southern governors (G W Bush, Clinton, Carter; plus Reagan). Bush Sr was the VP, but we know Cheney is quite unlikely to run for president. John Kennedy was the last senator (and a southerner.) Nixon was an ex-VP and Ford fluked his way into the White House.

My first guess is that it will more likely than not be a governor. Jeb Bush lacks the Ivy League credentials (G Bush father & son both Yale, Clinton Yale, Carter Annapolis - didn't hurt Reagam, though) but could keep the base pleased and do well with Hispanic voters and seems to have a reasonably record of business and government experience. NY's Pataki is Ivy league (Yale & Columbia) and has does some notable things here in NY but he'll be a hard sell in a lot of the red states.

Any others? Taft of Ohio might be a middling shot, ditto Perry of Texas; Murkowski of Alaska seems less likely, thouhg perhaps sufficiently qualified. The others are all really long shots (eg, Purdue of Georgia is a veterinarian by training, etc)

Guiliani? Could put up a good fight and might carry enough blue state voters to make up for the loss of interest in the red states, but if you had a choice, would you wrinkle your nose as you vote for him; stay home and put a curse on both their houses; or hold your nose, squeeze your eyes shut and try to keep the vomit down as you voted for... her. (All right, granted, Hillary in the White house would mean endless inspiration for Frank J, IowaHawk, Scott Ott, etc, until
the new and more caring administration closes down the internet in order to bring a more civilized level of discourse to politics and bashing-of-the-enemies-of-the-People besides which the first amendment only protects responsible speech.)

Oh, lunch time. Back later.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I haven't seen the ABC Peter Jennings interview with Flushable Kerry yet; I do suspect that it will be a puffball piece that will make cotten candy soaked in maple syrup seem... well, I'm been at work all day and I've already started drinking so I can thgink of a good analogy, but you can ready imagine what I'm trying to say. Something about being too hard to swallow.

Press Secretary Michael Moore announces two days after the inauguration that Bush & Cheney are already on their way to the Hague to be tried for war crimes - expect Hussein to be a surprise witness. Bin Laden announces a willingness to negotiate with the US for the return of Afghanistan. Arafat fulfills his promise to live long enough to come for lunch and restart the peace processing, swearing on the life of Bush's daughters that he had nothing to do with those bus bombings. Teresa Kechup Kerry praises the new proposals to make the rich pay their fair share of income taxes on money that isn't already locked away in any trust funds and blames neocons for the recent stock market crash. And Kerry promises to sign legislation that extends its long arm to the NRA and other dangerous groups while guaranteeing [did I spell the right? - ed] the end of racial profiling against airline passengers who are nervously kissing books with that funny writing that usually appears in al-jazeera videos.

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