Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wrestling is on television tonight. Bush the Barbarian wins two out of three falls, and DJ Ketchup hits the ring announcer before he says that he didn't hit the ring announcer.

Also, Allah seems to be MIA (missing in Allahpundit.) Reminds me of that passage in... Second Kings? (Fourth Kings if you're Catholic and use the older version.) You know, where Elijah has the contest with the prophets of Baal and says something like 'shout louder, perhaps he is sleeping or daydreaming or conferring with other gods or in a stupor because his who-cares-about-the Red Sox [I didn't even realize the World Series had started, much less ended] won a bunch of ball games...

Monday, October 25, 2004

So let's see - if Kerry wins it's because the people spoke, and if Bush wins it's because the election was stolen.
Bush will win - I think Kerry is too much of a prig to catch as many votes as he thinks (when push comes to shove and those who aren't genuinely decided are about to cast a vote, they may realize that they have more in common with Bush than with Kerry.) Some who think they will vote for Kerry will have a change of heart at the last moment. And I suspect some will vote for a third party candidate when they decide that Kerry is going to lose anyway.
But expect plenty of crap afterwards - for most lefties, imagination and fact are equally; fact may be less good as it might only be a social construct or something invented by the corporate media (it takes no great stretch of the the intelligent imagination to think that there are those who believe that Halliburton was ultimately behind the CBS-Bush memo to-do. Cubo, after all?
No one really...)
Must run - will write more often on the off-chance that anyone is actually looking here...

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