Friday, August 27, 2004

Glenn Reynolds' birthday is today. Happy birthday, Glenn, but time for a couple of cheap shots...
Drink a toast to the Instapundit. Have a shot of 12 year old blended scotch terrier followed by an order of yorkshire terrier pudding washed down with with a frosty glass of Pups Blue Ribbon.

I also caught this on the Internetweek daily email newsletter: "More than half of Canadians, 55 percent, never read news online. By contrast, 42 percent of Americans don't check news online according to the Report Card on Canadian NewsMedia." Thank God Al Gore invented the internet here and not in Toronto.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I was just looking over the previous couple of entries. I am obviously not
cut out to be a proofreader.

I wonder if I should wander into NYC next week. I was in Manhattan when the Democrats had their conventions in 1976 and 1980 and I don't remember much more than someone handing out flyers that basically said Carter was a good Christian abut Teddy Kennedy was a pupper controlled by the pope. On the other hand, we right wingers wouldn't try to prevent the democratistas from having a convention since we'd be tipping our secret tyrannical hand...

And why I can't get time time to stay East Coast time? I blame Gates.

So Kerry is appealing to people like Bob Dole to denounce the Swift Boat Veretans?
Do you remember the Wellstone memorial / Mondale Rile-Em-Ep / Trash-the-Other_Side party that might have actually cost the Dems that senate seat? Does it look presidential for Kerry to be appealing to members of the opposition to stop criticism of him instead of responding to the charges? Hello, M Chirac? Can you ask Kim Jong Il to stop pointing missiles at us? (Confession: I needed several tries before I remembered how to spell 'missile.')

Here's the idea as I see: the Constitution guarantees 'free speech' but is your speech really free if you're only saying things that you were paid to say? If 'the truth shall set you free', then doesn't it follow (follow me closely, I'm talking about leftwing logic) that you are not really free if you are not telling the truth? And therefore only those telling the truth are entitled to free speech? (You know, the way that East Germany was Democratic?)

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