Wednesday, March 10, 2004

FLASH! People who have raised funds for Bush & the GOP have been staying at the White House! "President Bush opened the White House and Camp David to dozens of overnight guests last year, including foreign dignitaries, family friends and at least nine of his biggest campaign fund-raisers, documents show." (My emphasis.)

FLASH! People who have raised funds for Bush & the GOP have been staying at the White House! "They include Roland Betts, a Yale classmate of Bush's and a former partner of his in the Texas Rangers baseball team; venture capitalist and Republican National Committee fund-raiser Brad Freeman; Texas rancher and state Sen. Teel Bivins; Boston businessman Joe O'Donnell; and Joe O'Neill of Midland, Texas, an oilman and childhood friend of Bush credited with introducing him to Laura Bush." Obviously just people with mink spats and money with which to buy off a politician who merely graduated Yale and Harvard.

FLASH! "Eight fund-raisers who helped George W. Bush amass a record $70 million for his Republican presidential bid stayed at least one night in the Texas governor's mansion during the past year, records show." "Don Evans, a close friend of the Texas governor and the national finance chairman of his presidential campaign, stayed at the mansion seven times last year. Seven other guests were members of Bush's "pioneers," a designation meaning they raised at least $100,000 each. The "pioneers" included Don Jordan, chairman of Reliant Energy; Brad Freeman of the investment firm Freeman, Spogli & Co.; Texas Public Safety Commissioner Jim Francis; and Indianapolis mayor Steve Goldsmith. Other big fund-raisers who spent at least one night at Bush's gubernatorial mansion last year included Michigan Gov. John Engler; Craig Stapleton, a cousin and executive with Mars & McLellan, an insurance and investment firm; and Roland Betts of the development firm Chelsea Piers Management. Betts was Bush's college roommate at Yale University. Beyond fund-raisers, the Texas governor's overnight guests included an assortment of family friends, advisers and relatives." No one you'd want to have over if you were Dubya.

Bush is a piker compared to a previous White House resident...
"President Clinton said last week, "The Lincoln Bedroom was not sold," and his defenders assert no laws were broken in the use of the White House to help raise campaign funds.
But veterans of past campaigns and administrations pointedly reject the "everybody-does-it" defense offered by some of Clinton's allies. They argue that the 103 White House coffees arranged by the Democratic National Committee and the 938 people who were overnight guests at the White House – including hundreds of contributors – represent a significant and disturbing escalation of past practices." (My emphasis.)

Monday, March 08, 2004

Questions of the day

1) According to the Washington Times, "Advertisers are sticking with U.S. radio talk show host Howard Stern" because of his continued popularity with the male listeners. Will the Government begin to hand out fines to Stern's advertisers, too?

2) John Fietnam Kerry continues to blunder along: Power Line notes that Kerry thought the black man dragged to death behind a truck in Texas was murdered because he was a homosexual...
One stupid thing after another: is Kerry going to implode (like Torricelli did in 2002) just in time for Her Royal Hillariness Clinton to be nominated by acclamation? Just wondering

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